Our Story

So what is My Brooklyn? Shoes of course!!!!! It is a new line of shoes that we are making with a lot of a-Mom-azing features that you are going to adore!!!! It has taken us awhile to get this right and we are just working on the manufacturing now. Who needs a new line of shoes you might be thinking?

We have been focusing on all of the details. 

We are bringing you our My Brooklyn Original shoe line with-----

Reinforced toe so that when your child uses his shoes to stop his ride on toy/bicycle/tricycle he won't come home with a hole on the top of his shoe. (Remind me to tell you the story where I was going to accuse my son's preschool of misconduct until I figured out what was going on.)

Removable Insole so that you can figure out if the shoe fits without your kids having to tell you. Because honestly a lot of times they really don't know. 

Hook and loop closure (the generic name for velcro)- Because not every kid can tie laces. 

Lightweight which is not always a benefit since they can run away from you faster. ;)

Flexible because shoes should be comfortable and not interfere with developing feet.

Vegan because it is good for the cows and it is less expensive. 


And now introducing our My Brooklyn Coney Island style......


Introducing shoes that can be bent in half. How is that for flexible!?!?